Welcome to Trev 'n' Mills' build galleries

Latest additions 13 May 08:
(long time no update - I blame it on the kids)

'new lounge', pics 9 onwards

'upstairs bedrooms', started

'Garden', started

Latest additions 22 October 07:

'old lounge', floor ripped up and put back

'new lounge', started

'windows', installed...

'The Roof',tiling ridge valleys and verges finished

Latest additions 12 August 07:

'Kitchen Install', ongoing...

'The Roof', trussed, felt batten and tiling started

addition 22nd May 07:

'Side Extension', started on the side!

'Kitchen Install', ongoing...

'Dining area catchup', plastered and painted

Additions 21st April 07:

'Dining area catchup', get rid of the soil pipe 'feature' by moving the bathroom around, plasterboard and get plastered ;-)

'Underfloor heating', lots of prep work but the pipes went in really easy (must be a problem :-) )

'Door, Cupboard and flue', inside half of the doorway to the side extension, manifold cupboard and boiler flue

Addition 22nd March 07

'First Painting', Just a mist coat but feels like progress..